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Tri-State Industrial Health Screening services Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana with Industrial Mobile Hearing Testing, respiratory Medical Clearance, Hearing Conservation Training and Sound Level Surveys:

Mobile Audiometric Testing

  • Testing is conducted by licensed CAOHC Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists.
  • All test results are reviewed and approved by a physician.
  • Manual audiometers are used for maximum accuracy and security.
    (Computerized testing methods sometimes lead to inaccurate readings which lead to expensive retesting.)
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and MSHA regulations.
  • Report turn around in approximately one week.
  • Capacity to test 12 to 26 employees per hour.
  • Previous data entered at no additional charge.

Respiratory Medical Clearance

  • Review of 1910. 134 OSHA Respiratory Evaluation Questionaire by Registered Nurse and Register Respiratory Therapist
  • Personal interview by registered nurse and blood pressure evaluation, as appropriate.
  • Pulmonary function test conducted by registered respiratory therapist following guidelines of American Thoracic Society.
  • Testing takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • Management summary and employee handouts in approximately one week.
  • Respirator fit testing and training provided by liscensed trained professionals
    • Fit testing takes approximately 15 minutes using Porta-Count analysis, the most accurate way to detect respirator fit.
    • Respirator Training is provided in a group setting following all OSHA annual requirements

Hearing Conservation Training

  • Fulfills all OSHA mandatory requirements.
  • Offered in two formats:
    • Classroom-style
    • In-truck (one-on-one approach)
  • Classes consist of demonstration, poster presentation, lecture, a question/answer session, sign-in and handouts.
  • Hearing conservation handouts are given to each employee.

Sound Level Surveys

  • Surveys can be conducted for total plant, partial plant or individual work stations.
  • Dosimeter monitoring is available to provide employees' average noise exposure for a given period of time.
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